GitHub Prometheus Export

Export your favorite repositories to prometheus and visualize them with grafana!

** Warning **

This service is currently in public beta. I make no promises regarding its availability, security or reliability. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK and make sure you have read the FAQ section at the bottom.

Screenshot of the basic Grafana dashboard

How to

  1. Go to GitHub Developer Settings / Token and obtain a new personal access token. For scraping public repositories, you don't need to select any additional scope.
  2. Warning: You should probably NEVER trust me (or anyone) with your GitHub token like this. Use at your own risk! And again, please read the FAQ.
  3. Create a static scrape target in your prometheus configuration like this:
    - job_name: CHANGE_ME
      scrape_interval: 2m
        username: YOUR-GITHUB-USERNAME
        password: YOUR-ACCESS-TOKEN
      scheme: https
        - targets: ['']

    Note: You probably don't want to put your token in plain text into the config. Prometheus also allows to read it from a mounted secret file.

    Note: You can scrape multiple repositories of the same owner with a single job. Just list the repository names separated with a comma like this: metrics_path: /YOUR-GITHUB-USERNAME/YOUR-REPOSITORY1,REPOSITORY2